Pineapple was delish! It has very sweet front notes- reminds me of grilled or candied pineapple, but then the tart hit following. It was full of flavor, and was the perfect edition to our Hawaiian dinner.
-Kate Rosenstein Houston-

Pineapple Experss

I went to a cider festival, by far this company’s cider was the best. There were lines forming along the walls waiting to get a refill, even when they ran out and it would be an hour or so before they would be back for more. Great family owned business. I look forward to be able to by it in California soon.

-Christine Alexander-

“by far the best”

I am still haunted by the deliciousness of the cider I had back in June and am trying to find a store up where I live, near Bellingham, that will carry their line of epic drinks…

-Jason Valenti-

Still Haunted