Our Company

Here at Jester & Judge we are passionate about the idea that balance is important in life and in cider. It’s the foundation of our company culture. It is also how we live our day to day lives.

We take great pride in the quality of the ciders we make. No shortcuts, just the best ingredients and  a lot of love goes into each bottle.

The fun part for us is coming up with exciting flavor combinations. Leaving our imaginations and exciting your taste buds.

Each cider has been created to evoke a journey through your senses, sparking excitement and joy. Helping you to reset the scales in the balance of life.

We loved making them and we hope you love tasting them. Enjoy.

Pineapple Experss

I went to a cider festival, by far this company’s cider was the best. There were lines forming along the walls waiting to get a refill, even when they ran out and it would be an hour or so before they would be back for more. Great family owned business. I look forward to be able to by it in California soon.

-Christine Alexander-

“by far the best”

I am still haunted by the deliciousness of the cider I had back in June and am trying to find a store up where I live, near Bellingham, that will carry their line of epic drinks…

-Jason Valenti-

Still Haunted