Seasonal Cider Development

Blueberry Meyer Lemon, available in 1/6 BBL and 1/2 BBL

At Jester & Judge we have always been fascinated with blueberries. Fascinated but troubled by the earthy undertones that this fruit
imparts in the cider. After working through the development process we found its perfect mate, Meyer lemon! The two flavors together
create the sublime balance that our ciders are known for.

The taste journey is like a good Gorge hike. Starting with the fresh aroma that greets you from the glass, this cider starts out with a fresh
blast of blueberries on the palate, the zest of the Meyer lemon offsets the earthiness of the blueberries admirably, and takes over
the palate later in the tasting experience, like walking through a beautiful meadow and arriving at an exhilarating waterfall.